Writer Alex Woolfson

Alex writes guy-on-guy action-romance comics for women and men to enjoy.

You can read his comics for free at http://webcomics.yaoi911.com/
Asker shipjumper Asks:
Hi! It was nice to meet you (even if it was super quick) at Ycon this weekend!
alexwoolfson alexwoolfson Said:

So nice to meet you too! :)

Dude, just tell me where you got this awesome tattoo!

Chapter 3, Page 62 of The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy is now up!


Pencils by Adam DeKraker. Colors by Veronica Gandini. Written by and © 2014 Alex Woolfson.


Okay post #1 of several will be starting off with all of the amazing comic creators / artists that gryphongirlyaoiand I had the pleasure of meeting during the weekend!!! Con virgin for me, while she has met some before:

Starting off with the lovely hamletmachine of course! She was sooooo nice… and really glad I finally had the chance to meet her in person! TY for the prints and the signings for dokidokibaka and noirakai ‘s things! ^__^

Of course had to nab some photos too:

Day #1 (Friday) - with gryphongirlyaoi and dressed as Teahouse OC:


Day #2 (Saturday) as Cain - Hamlet hugs!


I had time to make a quick Machine sketch for HM ^^:


Since I had Starfighter books 1 & 2 at home and a good chunk of the Cain and Abel prints, had to pick up Stripper Rin (notice how Hamlet signed it over the crotch… XD), Machine & Wintercaps prints. Once the KS foil books are out, I will get her to sign those next time ;)



Really loved meeting the teahousecomic crew and thank you emilywarrenart for being so sweet!!!

Your panel was so perfect and the sneak peeks… oh the sneak peeks of the next two pages of the comic *heavy breathing* Axis / Rhys shippers will be very happy ;)


The ONE thing I REALLY WANTED was an Axis body pillow… there was only one left and thank goodness Gryphon & I were some of the first ones in on Friday *hugs to chest*



Both of alexwoolfson ‘s panels were so informative & all of the comic creator love in each one. Although I missed the first Kickstarters for Artifice & TYP volume 1… you can bet I am NOT missing the next one ;)


Rockstarr indeed with the guitar purse ;) Thanks again for the kind words, Alex & signings! Hopefully will be back again next YCon!



I have loved Spacejinx forever & finally had a chance to snag books 1 & 2, along with the funniest Haikyuu!! drinking mini zine (I’m still laughing at it…) Thanks ocicatsy & wensleydale and kicking myself for not taking a picture with you two…  Hopefully HQ!! season two comes along before we know it (so more drinking times can be had) especially using the manga as a guide XD





Picked up a TOY (Tripping Over You) print since I funded the KS and will be getting the signed / sketched books and other goodies soon! Along with some sports anime hell art from the ‘Always Raining Here’ artists.

I couldn’t get in on the devoto-webcomic KS in time, but picked up the book on Sunday right before closing. You think I would have seen all of the booths before Sunday, but it’s like you have blinders on all the time with all of the amazing artists / art in the hall! Awesome to meet you and your work is just amazing!!!!



Pretty much wraps up the comic purchases minus an amazing Free! find from the swap meet below (such a different style for the official art). Pi8cked up some Noya, Suga and Manami figure keychains, tons of Yowa Peda keychains and various Free!, Pedal & HQ!! official posters and prints + fan art. It was a sports anime hell overload in the hall this year (and loved every minute of it!) If only there had been more time and money…


Birth Of Haru print which you can buy here: http://zimmay.storenvy.com/


Thank you to everyone who came to this year’s queer superheroes panel at Montreal Comic Con. This year’s panel was something a bit new for me because I only talked about things that made me happy and that I could rec, which limited the more historical part of the panel, and cut down the number of DC and Marvel titles drastically. I enjoyed this format greatly and I had a very good time :)

I’ll order the titles I talked about in categories and tried to link to places to buy those, which will give you the books’ ISBNs if you want to buy them elsewhere.


Young AvengersHeinberg’s runChildren’s Crusade, and Gillen’s run (the omnibus isn’t out yet, but you can currently find them in 3 different volumes).

Runaways: The Complete Collection Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3 (also not all out yet, non-omnibus versions are available).

Daken: (In order, complete, italics are crossovers with other series) Dark Wolverine vol 1Dark Wolverine vol 2Siege: X-MenWolverine Origins: ReckoningPunisher: Franken-CastleDaken: Dark Wolverine 1Daken/X-23: Collision (and then there are volumes 2, 3 and 4, but watch me not adding them to the list). Fair warning: some of these are very hard to find and sold out in the Amazon link I’m giving. The link will mostly be for reference.

X-Treme X-MenVolume 1Volume 2Termination

DC Comics

BatwomanElegyVolume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4 (the volume 5 is out soon, I am not adding it to this list).

Tiny Titans: Tiny Titans has 8 volumes, but you don’t need to read them in any kind of order. Just have fun. Also it’s probably pushing to put this title in this list but more people should read Tiny Titans.

Other printed comics

The AuthorityAuthority 1Authority 2 are the easiest to find and also the start of the series. Then you quickly get into books that are sold out. The complete list of collected books is on Wikipedia.

Hellblazer: Hellblazer has more than 300 issues. The Wikipedia page on all the books published is pretty complete.


SagaVolume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4


The Posterchildren, by Kitty Burroughs

Hero, by Perry Moore

Webcomics (these are free!)

Young Protectors


I also have a list of recs given by people in the attendance that I will look up soon: Failure to FireFearless DefendersQuestionable Content (that I have listed recently in my webcomic list!), Girls with Slingshots.

Thank you again to everyone who came, and if you participated in the contest to win copies of Posterchildren, you’ll hear from me soon by email!

Very nice to get a mention. :)

Well, that escalated quickly…

Chapter 3, Page 60-61 of The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy is now up!


Pencils by Adam DeKraker. Colors by Veronica Gandini. Written by and © 2014 Alex Woolfson.

If either Artifice or Young Protectors were to be turned into movies, who would your ideal cast be?
alexwoolfson alexwoolfson Said:

To be honest, I haven’t put much thought into that. But there’s been some really fun fan-casting I’ve seen, such as this one:


I've been binge-watching Archer, and now I keep reading The Platinum Priestess's lines in Malory Archer's voice. It's hilarious, but somehow also fitting?
alexwoolfson alexwoolfson Said:

Heh. I definitely think Jessica Walter could have some fun with The Platinum Priestess. :)

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…

Chapter 3, Page 59 of The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy is now up!


Pencils by Adam DeKraker. Colors by Veronica Gandini. Written by and © 2014 Alex Woolfson.


Favorite Comics Week: Artifice (Webcomic, Complete!)

WELL since people were reccing webcomics I figured I’d just on board and recommend Artifice! The gay science fiction story of replicant-esque dude and and human!

  • nOTE: This is a Mature-rated comic! So proceed knowing that.
  • It’s good sci-fi, lots of fun world-building happening in the background without it being explicit about it. Which is always the best kinda scifi, IMHO
  • There’s a small but good cast of characters, each with really different personalities, motivations, and interests. They react to things differently, they see the world differently, it’s just generally well-done.
  • It has a replicant/cyborg-type dude experiencing ~~feelings~~ and falling in ~~love~~ and disobeying his ~~programming~~ guys it’s like all my favorite things.
  • There’s some creeeeeeepy background implications about eugenics and future societies and it’s really cool. It’ll leave you wanting more, but in a good way!
  • It’s a really quick read, think like a short graphic novel. You could read it, for instance, in a Sunday afternooonnn… ;D

I also totally wrote fic about this once bc I loved it that much. But don’t read my fic before you read the comic bc it’s super spoilery!


I would apologize, but I think I’ve sunk too low to care.

(The Young Protectors is written by Alex Woolfson, with character art by Adam DeKraker and colors by Veronica Gandini. I have defaced their work with my lowbrow derivative humor.)

This amuses me greatly.